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Blagojevich Only The Latest Chapter In Corrupt Illinois Politics

Illinoisans are used to politicians like Rod Blagojevich who was indicted on Tuesday for attempting to sell Barack Obama's vacant senate seat, among other political "prizes" at his disposal, according to The New York Times.

The Illinois governor is the current face of a political machine based on a "pay to play" political philosophy in which everything is for sale, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Because of the state's particularly lax rules regarding campaign donation limits--there are none--many politicians are enticed to sell their political favor to the highest bidder. Because some donors contribute considerably more than others, it is in most politician's best interest in Illinois to appease them with jobs, state contracts or, in Blagojevich's case, senate seats.

"When you look at the countless scandals that have plagued Illinois politics over the last several years, while they have differed in facts and scope, the one common denominator has been a drive to obtain an abundance of campaign contributions," said state Rep. John Fritchey (D- Chicago).