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May 14, 2011

Gravity 2.0 now available as pdf download

The ebook Gravity 2.0, available for ebook readers through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, is now available as a pdf download.

Click here to download a 4.14 MB Acrobat pdf from Digital River's SWREG service for $9.99. Local taxes may apply. You may choose Digital River's Extended Download Service for an additional $2.95 or opt out by clicking the trash can next to that item.

You will receive an email with a link that expires in 7 days. Save the file after it opens in your browser. Acrobat pdfs are viewable on Windows or Macintosh and may be manually dragged to your iPad's local Books folder.

Mention of the book has now appeared on the site HPCC-Space GmbH. The focus of the site is to provide products and services in the field of High Performance Computing and Communications to customers. The team includes Dr. Jochem Hauser.

Here is the entry dated March 2011:

New Book
The e-book entitled Gravity 2.0, Design Strategies for a Gravity Modified World (check at www.barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com), was published by Gregory Daigle, former professor of industrial design and practicing designer. In my opinion this book is a very well written non-mathematical introduction to recent extreme gravitomagnetic and gravity-like field experiments and on theoretical ideas postulating six fundamental forces, which includes our own approach termed Extended Heim Theory (EHT). G. Daigle then proceeds to explain the most timely and exciting aspects of gravitational engineering, for instance, possible alternatives for cleaner energy generation as well as transportation in general and, in particular, space propulsion. This book can be recommended to anyone who is interested in novel technologies based on emerging alternative physical concepts of gravity. The contagious enthusiasm of Daigle's exposition is making his topics easily accessible to a wide audience requiring serious information, but he does not fail to instruct the reader that this exciting research is both ambitious and speculative. The table of contents along with the introduction can be downloaded to convey the flavor of Gravity 2.0.