February 27, 2008

I caught the BUG

From February 14 to February 25 I was incredibly ill. It had been a long time since I had been sick and I had forgotten how much it sucks. First of all having a sinus infection requires a lot of kleenex and medication as well as tolerance. I had no idea how horrible they really are. In just the first week alone I went through approximatelly 8 boxes of kleenex. I not only unexpectedly consumed a ton of kleenex but a large amount of television. Once I got past the point of sleeping and napping all day I migrated to starring at the T.V. screen from 8 in the morning to about 8 or 9 at night. Thats all I could do was watch countless hours of television starting with Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, The View, The Tyra Banks Show, Martha Stuart, Rachael Ray, Still Sanding, The King of Queens, Access Hollywood, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Two and a Half Men. I might have missed a few in there but you get the idea. It was as if I was experiencing television for the first time, like it was a new invention or something. At first I was thrilled to be watching, I even laughed out lot in my bed by myself, but then it got old and I wished there was something else I could be doing.

time: What seemed like an eternity
cost: $2 x 8 for kleenex
$40 for medicine
1 week of school
A ton of brain cells from blowing my nose so much
mood: miserable,groggy, crabby, frustrated, tired, and in a great deal of pain