January 28, 2008

More Divine than ever before

Went to church today, as I do most Sundays, however today was different. I guess it must be the whole consuming kick I am on but I seemed to notice more. Though kids seemed louder, the music, though the same as every other Sunday, seemed more serene to me than it ever had before. Even the lighting seemed more uplifting. It is worth it to open yourself and let new things in, the experience is more divine and richer than ever before.

time: 11:00 a.m. mass

A Packed Perkins

Not only was Perkins packed after the Sunday Mass, but so was my tummy. Consuming nothing but scrumptious breakfast foods, my mother treated me to a nice brunch in our neighborhood restaraunt. I recommend the fried chicken and eggs scrabbler, with fruit and choice of Mamouth Muffin, Pancakes, or toast. Don't forget the coffee!

time: Noon
mood: holy n' hungry

Battery Crisis

So I was in the midst of shooting pictures for a design project when apparently I had consumed to much of my battery in my digital camera. Having to go all the way home to charge it I, the sun went down and I was unable to finish my photo shoot. Just dandy!

time: approx. 5:00 p.m.
cost: time I would be sleeping tomorrow morning, but taking photos instead.
mood: productive quickly transformed into frustrated

The Taste of Cement

Feeling frustrated from the battery crisis I decided to go for a run. It occurred to me that running in the dark would make it hard to see ICE, but apparently not seriously enough. About half way through my run, not paying attention to the ground in front of me, I stepped on a spot of ice, totally thought I could catch myself and land safely on my feet....nope i was wrong. After widly flailing my arms and skidding on ice, I bit it! A few cars slowed being that I was near a street light and was clearly visible, but of course as embarrased as I was I scrambbled to my feet and kept on running. I've never had the pleasure of tasting cement!

time: The End of my Life!! J/K
cost: My image, my integrity, a little skin and some blood.
mood: Oh geez...should I list them all.