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Action is a reaction to environment

Creating things exhilarates me. When I was young I spent every day walking through the woods until I found the next project site. I would hollow out old oak logs, make branch benches, stack rocks, and study everything. Every expedition I became more intimate with the woods and it’s materials. If I were completely released from the constraints of the architecture school program I would want to continue walking through the woods. I would find a place to symbolize, problem to solve or people to serve.

I feel that Andy Goldsworthy summarize humans place in nature. He observes his surroundings, understands them through interaction and expresses his interpretation. It is how cultures have always reacted to their environment.

I would love to walk through outdoors of the world and be exposed to the environments others have observed for centuries. It would interest me to see how cultures have understood and interpreted place; however, for me this would not be enough. I would want to symbolize my understanding architecturally. Expressing my understanding to be observed artistically, bodily or lyrically would not be satisfying enough. I want people to physically interact with my projects.

After spending last summer walking through the woods of Afton I designed and built a series of lamps that reflected local flora. The lamps are all solar powered and designed specifically for each location. My personal favorite is a six-foot tall fiddlehead tucked away in my neighbors gully.