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Presentation / Documentation Styles


The Power of Platinum is a straightforward presentation of information. This magazine advertisement captures the eye with a bold picture that draws the reader in. The information is cleanly presented and separated from the picture itself. The separation powerfully accents the importance of both the picture and text. The use of black and white unifies the advertisement and highlights tones in the picture. Furthermore, the perspective or ignored scale makes the advertisement dynamic and intriguing.

6. buisness.jpg

The Dubai Business Bay by TD Architects is a helpful visual division of the business districts. The color coordination makes it easy to understand, however, the lack of text leaves interpretation up to the observers.

7. TOWER.jpg

The Elevation of Burj Dubai is an example of the opposite extreme. The image is cluttered with text making it confusing. The tower successfully color-codes the completion and construction materials, however, the text makes the presentation overwhelming. It records height, comparable skyscrapers and dates of completion.

4. super towers.jpg

The depiction of Dubai: A City of Supertowers is the most effective documentation style because it clearly presents multiple levels of information. The image incorporates a diagram of each tower, factual information, and geographic location.

I hope to incorporate the powerful advertising techniques and the informative presentation methods to create a vivid research project that is easy to understand.