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Dubai- Title Pages

The millennium goal my group is working on is global development partnerships. We are focusing our research on Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. The three title pages I designed are visual representations of Dubai’s influence on global development.

The idea of a package

filled in (small).jpg

Dubai’s economic success can be attributed to four simple components location, infrastructure, free trade zones and truism. As Dubai begins to develop foreign countries it uses this ‘package’ for economic development… just import labor, presto.

The idea of an outline

An Outline (small).jpg

The success of Dubai is attributed to many other variables. It has not yet been proven that this exact model will work in other regions of the world. This package for economic development can be considered an outline that is adaptable to different environments.

The idea of an example

Title Page One (small).jpg

Regardless of environment, Dubai provides a successful example of globalization. As our research continues we will uncover weather the economic development of Dubai is leading to global development partnerships.