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Monday April 21, 2008

This last week during volunteering I was provided an opportunity that significantly improved my understanding of the A.C.E.S volunteering program. I was asked to give a survey to the fourth grade students. The survey involved questions about school, A.C.E.S and the students. I could not imagine a more appropriate way to finish my year partnered with Monroe school.

I was happy to learn that the students understand the importance of attending school and A.C.E.S. The majority of the students felt that A.C.E.S helped their performance in school. It was beneficial to me as a volunteer to learn the students knew the volunteers cared for them and that they had people at A.C.E.S who would listen to them.

I was a little shocked to learn that the students were all aware it was easy for them to lose their temper and difficult for them to regain their cool. Many of the students admitted that they would hit someone if they felt like it even if they knew it was wrong. There were even a few students who felt they needed to fight to get what they want.

Reflecting on the past year partnered with A.C.E.S I have seen myself grow. When I started volunteering I was there to have fun with the kids. Through my time at Monroe I am now able to maintain balance between discipline and fun.

I started working with aces in the fall for Design Fundamentals Introduction to Design Thinking. I was upset because the volunteering requirement was not apart of the course syllabus. When Josh fore Monroe school visited us he told our group that we will get out of it what we put into it. He was right. As I became closer with the students I put more into it and ended up having a lot of fun.