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The project successfully addressed the issue of poverty as a cohesive hole. The topics flowed together logically… with the exception of GMOs.

The group first defined the topic and established background information. The information made it clear what the presentation would address. Unfortunately this section of the oral presentation dragged on diminishing interest instead of captivating it.

Architects Addressing Poverty
The examples were strong and the reason each was chosen was clear. My only consideration is that there was no initial overview or explanation why those architects were chose. I was left wondering what linked them.

Ralph Rapson's Cedar Riverside
Cedar Riverside is good example of a failed project. Instead of just telling us the project failed the group presented the original vision. They expressed the potential benefits of the project. Finally they explained why the project was not successful. I never considered that its failure could be contributed to our culture not being ready for the European model.

Genetically Modified Food
This topic did not relate to the project as a cohesive hole. Genetically enhanced food as solution to hunger has little to do with architecturally answers to poverty. Furthermore, I am not sure that increasing the food supply will solve hunger. In his novel Ishmael, Daniel Quinn explains that increased food supply results in an increased population. Therefore increased food supply has the potential to increase the population of starving people in the world.

This was a strong conclusion to the project. The incorporation of low income living with commercial space is socially, economically, and environmentally beneficially. The housing development does more than just create a place for impoverished people to live. It allows there a fresh start by creating job opportunities. It was interesting to see a project about poverty be concluded with sustainability as a solution.

The Book
The group created a book to present their research. The book was beautifully crafted. There was a balance between text and images. Important information was placed in a box for emphasis. I did not have enough time to read all of the text on each page. It would have been helpful to highlight the main points.