October 16, 2006

About me.

I am a freshman in the Carlson School of Management. I currently don't have a major, although I am sure that I want to involved in business. I choose to go to the University of Minnesota because it was close to my house. I also really like Minneapolis. I think it is a beautiful city. I like that I am close to my family. Whenever I need something they are usually pretty good at dropping off the things I need.

I like skiing. At my high school, I was on the downhill ski team. I wasn't very good but I liked spending my nights skiing, instead of being cooped up at my house. I like shopping. Even if I don't have any money to spend, I like going to the mall and looking at clothes. Or even going to target to look at the random things they sell. I love watching movies. I see too many movies to declare a favorite.