A great memorial Tusday

Cold ..... Cold ..... and very very very cold outside !!!! Perhaps because of that, there are some my classmates was absent yesterday. The subject today was very interesting and helpful, especially for me because it gives me a lot of information to understand and know more about what an essay is and how to make it better. Actually, I had read the subject carefully before I came to class. And I was very excited to get ready to share my opinion that I absorbed from what I read from the subject in class. However, my tongue seemed to be frozen while people were discussing together. I could not say anything at that time. Firstly, what I wanted to say, my friends had said for me. I become behind my classmates in coming out ideas. Secondly, I was scared of my skill speaking English because it is still a problem for a two-year international student like me. I am afraid when I say something with using a wrong pronunciation, I would make people in class uncomfortable while they were discussing excitingly. So each discussing time has passed always makes me regret myself.
Additionally, today we were watched a movie talk about a sculptor - his name Steiner. He has a great ecstasy in his life: ski jump. The movie shows us his experiences in that field with several times he got very serious accidents when he performed his skill to everybody. However, through out of those accidents, he wants to show the viewers a lesson: if you are really fascinated something, do it with your best and you will get it. The movie ended with an image: Steiner comes up to the first winner stage with a champion cup in hand within applauding of the viewers. The movie and the discussion time in class about it would be ended wonderful if there was no my silly idea interrupted. I was so shamed myself. I did not know how I could relate the content of the movie with the title "How many woods would a woodchuck chuck?" Oh my God. How embarrassed am I! During watching the movie, I always though that the woodchuck in the title implied to Steiner who several time "chuck" snow every time he failed in his performance like a woodchuck chuck a wood. That's why I confidently showed this idea in class so that I got a good correction: the title I just said is for another movie we will be watched in some day in this semester. Through it, I have another experience for today: think and watch (or see) carefully before saying something to anyone.
Class ending was also the time I experience myself: don't be afraid to show my ideas because of my speaking skill. If people do like me, the class will become bored. So, I try to be self confident to give an idea carefully from next time when I come to class. Let's wait and see.