January 19, 2007

Shopping list for a Desert Island

Alex Daniels
Class: 3371
Reading: Shopping List for a Desert Island
Date: 01/18/2007

Before reading Shopping List for a Desert Island I thought that this just was a list to survive when you’re alone in the Desert. When I finished this story my perspective was changed as I turned every page. I got in to the story very fast after I got the concept of making the list that Tom had acquired thought his shopping. Tom as he was making the list never thought about how much money he was spending on his entire trip. He brought almost ever thing you can think of. I think I know way Tom made bad financial decisions! You ask why Tom had no female figure in his life. Maybe Tom had to pack all of his thing and start over but If he would had a woman he would have never spent all his money she would of had him in check. Now at the end of the story when his about to make his voyage he was turned upside down. He was set to sail on the Mahurangi to Palmerston but it was order to go strait to Suvarov. Tom was very upset because her had his life on the boat but he also spend all of his money but five shilling what’s ironic the money didn’t have no value in Suvarov. Tom had to ask his fiend Dick for some money so he could survive. He gives him two 5 pound notes. He unloaded the things he could get but left some thing on the boat. The thing that got me was why was he packing all of his things? Why he never saved a enough money to go on this trip?