Nature vs. Nurture

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The idea of nature versus nurture has been an ongoing debate for quite some time. It basically implies the question of are we born with certain characteristics that lead us to act a certain way? Or are we influenced by outside factors? If one were to take the nature side, they would be suggesting that our behavioral characteristics are from genetics or biological factors. This would mean that our thoughts and actions would resemble those of our parents. However, the nurture idea is more environmentally associated. Things like religion, culture, language, and relationships seem to be the root of how and why we behave a certain way.

This debate is important because it brings up a good question: why do we act the way we do? This question is usually brought up in the early years of one's life because little children tend to be full of questions. However, there is no direct answer. The nature versus nurture debate is continuing to cross the minds of most individuals, usually starting early on in one's life. I personally think that our behaviors are affected by both aspects of the debate. I believe that we do inherit some characteristics from our parents, but we also learn our behaviors from our surrounding environment.

An example from my life that I have is my athletic characteristic. I have always been very intrigued by sports, and most of my life consists of participating in different sporting events. I find it interesting to note that most of my relatives are not very active, so this example makes believe that we get our characteristics and behaviors from the nurture side of the debate. However, I am a very organized person, and I would call myself a perfectionist. This definitely runs in the family because both of my parents are the same way. This makes me think that my characteristics and behaviors are more on the nature side.

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