March 30, 2006

Reflections for 3/23-3/29

Since I instigated the reading of this week's three articles, I guess I should have something to say about them. I liked the spector article for the first two-thirds. I think it provides a useful overview of the information technology IT thoughts that surround knowledge management. However, his example was fairly weak and the description was perfunctory. He could have left that piece out of the article without detracting from what he had to say about information technology, knowledge management, and systems design. The Elmholdt article was an interesting case study on really poor implementation of a knowledge management system. Between this article and the Rowland article, I'm beginning to think that most knowledge management systems are not designed to work with or take advantage of tacit knowledge. Many people seem to think it is not fundamentally possible to make tacit knowledge explicit. If that is true, and I am beginning to believe that way, then you have to rethink your approach to working with tacit knowledge and its transfer or incorporation in others. A knowledge management systems approach should not be focused on documents, text, and other artifacts, but rather on collaboration models, simulations in context, mentorships, and other people/process/context approaches. The Rowland article argues that the generative dance between knowledge and knowing, between explicit knowledge, implicit knowledge, and context is actually a design epistemology and that design solutions are what learning technologies has to contribute to learning, knowledge management, and transfer. I think these ideas are much harder in practice and implementation, but I've been mulling over these implications for several weeks now. Especially within an engineering framework in an R&D organization, what kind of approach, curriculum, and systems are needed for learning and sharing among people and across the organization?

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