April 20, 2006

Reflections for 4/13-4/19

Barry's overview of how he manages his information base on reading and research was very useful. I'm still not hugely fond of OneNote, but I do appreciate the fact that I need to come up with a strategy. I plan to mark up and annotate my research articles using Acrobat's tools and linking those article to Endnote. What I need to to think about is a tool (whether Acrobat's built in weak one or another) to search across PDFs. I'm hoping a combination of wise keyword development in endnote with good mark ups in the actual PDFs work. I'll still have to scan all those for which I had to make paper copies. Not fun!

I liked Joel's articles for this week. Although I'm not in science ed, I have a chemistry degree and the topics interest me. I was surprised to read how the inclusion of scientific technology (pH meters, CBL thermometers) into science ed is resisted by some teachers. Actually, I'm shocked. It appears the integration or inclusion of any kind of technology, scientific or educational (like computer simulations or models) is an issue in curriculum development. Once again, it seems that teacher preference and comfort are overriding factors. What surprises me is that teachers in science ed may not be reading literature in science technologies and not open to educational technologies. I thought being educated in science has a way of making one open to the process of scientific inquiry and trying new approaches. I think our institutions of higher education may be failing would-be teachers and that is trickling down to the way they approach science education. It'll be interesting to hear what Joel has to say about this.

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