April 26, 2006

Reflections for 4/20 - 4/26

I must admit, by looking at the title of the Aviv article, I was expecting something very different. It was an interesting article, and I'm interested in asychronous learning network models. However, the analysis methods were mainly new to me, and I have to assume that they are meaningful in the context of of the the authors research questions. As to the conclusions, I can't help but think to Dede's comment in the design based research (DBR) articles introduction that the finding were "common sense" and that a practitioner rather than a researcher could have written it without actually conducting the research!

Ferdig's principles of good asynchronous discussion design all seemed reasonable to me, and it is nice to have something that succinctly sums up some good ideas and best practices.

Reeve's concluding article in the DBR set left me wondering if one can get published outside of core educaitonal tech journals doing design based research. Will a dbr-based dissertaiton be taken seriously. More importantly, can I secure a faculty position if I do a DBR-based dissertation or secure tenure if I publish dbr-based papers. Echoing another of Reeve's points, I do think the DBR papers do suffer from too much wandering narrative and not enough tight wording and succinctness. I think thsi kind of research really needs to be published in rich media. The research text piece needs to be made more succinct, and pointers to online/downloadable components of the "article" should be embedded. Again, I wonder if one could get this published in a mainstream educational print journal. I also think that we cannot ignore or completely abandon thought around scientific and experimental based research designs. Unfortunately, government funding and even the the general public has come to expect this paradigm for research. Perhaps greater quantitative rigor in the parts of the research that can support it will help, and perhaps borrowing from research and reporting techniques in engineering disciplines can be of some assistance.

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