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Working towards higher DPI

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So I've been working for a while on making higher DPI graphics work on the sites I make. The obvious intial target being iPad screens, though I have no doubt other devices, and laptops will follow. I've been trying to get SVGs to work, but I finally hit the point where I gave up on SVGs (for now) and went with higher resolution PNGs. So I figured I'd write a post about my successes and failures with high DPI...

What is this?

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So, this is my blog. It's my attempt at better collaboration.

I work at the University of Minnesota, specifically the College of Education and Human Development. It's one college among many, and I collaborate with a lot of great people across the U of M, so I figured this would be a better way to pass on info to everyone else I'm collaborating with.

That said, I meet a lot of people at conferences who want to know how we're doing X or Y... so I figured I write it up and share the love.

A lot of the posts here will be about making web sites work better for more people. Maybe that's progressive enhancement, responsive design, or accessibility... or something else entirely.

Hope you find it useful.

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