Is technology good or bad?

As I began watching the Frontline Program titled "Digital Nation" I was both anxious and curious about what it would be about. I watched the previous documentary Frontline has done on technology and it affects on our world today. To see an updated version of what Frontline that about our nation filled with a new world of technology was something I was definitely fascinated about. This program as a work of broadcast journalism is honestly much more intriguing to me than the usual and typical broadcast reporting. Using not only the public, but professionals ideas about technology and the world were living in today is a more attention grabbing strategy of getting societies attention. I would personally enjoy working in broadcast journalism in this sense as opposed to reporting the usual reporting of either local or national news.
In my opinion this program had many more strengths than it did weakness. I really enjoyed how throughout the documentary they showed not only elementary school children are being affected about the digital world, but also the older generations. The program showed us how the older generations are not only shocked, but also block out the new digital world, however, they showed the opposite extreme where the younger generations embraced the idea, and implement it into their own lives. I really enjoyed how they tried to make it a point that multi-tasking does not let anyone perform a task at their best effort. That really struck me because in today's society, on most job applications the job descriptions usually requests for great multi-taskers, however, the program proved that once anyone multi-tasks they tend to do less efficient work. I also like how they presented both perspectives of technology the ones that agreed with it and the ones that disagreed with the amount of technology that is embedded into our lives.
After watching this program I really began to ponder about how everyone in my household and I really implants technology into our lives. I also stopped and wondered how each and every individual in my family was either on their laptop or on a cell phone and completely wired. It really made me question how our family considers spending quality time now as opposed to 10 years ago. I also put into consideration how every time I begin working on an assignment or task, I continuously stopped and decided to go and chat, Facebook, or even reply to an e-mail. The world we live in today really makes me curious as to how it will be in 10-20 years. One thing that really struck me in the entire program and made me ponder was when Prof. Sherry Turkle from the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self said "Technology isn't good or bad, it's powerful, and it's complicated."

Obama seeks 'new beginning' in Muslim world

The two stories that I have decided to compare are about President Obama's speech in Cairo. The first article I found was an AP story, and under the MSNBC website.

The second story that I have found was under an online website called POLITICO written by Mike Allen.

As I was reading both stories, I felt that the POLTICO story had a lot of irrelevant information. Once I read the lead, I felt that the most important information wasn't in the lead. However, I felt that the lead in the MSNBC story was written much better. Although, I felt the last sentence in the lead could have been added to the second graf, and was a bit unnecessary.

The lead was overall well written and well thought out. Also, I found it interesting that in the POLITICO story one of the quotes from Obama's speech was put immediately after the lead, however in the MSNBC story the same quote was used only in the 11th graf. Clearly MSNBC felt the quote was much less important and was put at the end of the story.

Additionally, the quote used in the lead for the MSNBC story wasn't used at all in the POLITICO story. Both publishers were both obviously looking for different things in the speech, and seemed to emphasize on entirely different parts in the story. In my opinion I honestly believed the MSNBC did a better job at their story.

Aside from the fact that they concentrated on what I was looking for, but I also felt that the story got to the point and didn't add any unnecessary information.

After a substandard performance four years ago in Turin, Norway seems to be back on form in Vancouver, where Marit Bjoergen won gold No. 99 on Wednesday in the women's cross-country sprint.

I feel like this lead is poorly written. As I was reading it I felt that the details seemed scattered. I was confused about what was happening in the story. It does give the details of who, but later on and starts off the story by the what. Even though the details are there I felt like they were scattered, and could have been written better. After reading the lead i lost interest in the story, and didn't care about what the rest of the article entailed.

Vonn's gold rush

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On the eve of the Olympic women's downhill, Lindsey Vonn told her husband to be ready to stand with her at the start. A week of nursing a painful shin injury -- and carrying the weight of the world's expectations -- had frayed her nerves, and she hoped he could calm her before the race she had waited for all her life

I felt that this lead was written very well. I see all the details of who and what at the beginning. It grabs the reader's attention by informing them with the consecutive events. It gives all the needed details no extra. The lead was Concise, clear and to the point.

Winter weather advisory; 4 to 6 more inches possible

The Post Gazette reported Sunday that they have issued another National weather advisory in Pittsburgh and most of southern Pennsylvania. There may be a possibility of an extra four to six more inches of snow falling from Monday morning to Monday night. They're continuing the advisory until noon Tuesday. They have already received a full three feet of snow, and the snow continues to fall in regions in the East Coast.

This story was reported today and the scheduled expectation of snow is on Monday so this news story has immediacy. They seem to have the news reported before the expected time of the snow fall. This story also contains proximity, everyone near the East Coast or lives in Pennsylvania are aware of the amount of snow that they are about to experience. Finally, this report also has impact. The areas in the East Coast that are experiencing nearly three feet of snow are certainly impacted by the constant amount of snowfall. Many East Coast residents don't have electricity and because of the impact of the snow most of the local stores are closed down. People are worried as to when the massive amount of snowfall will ever stop.

Two dead in separate city shootings

The Post Gazette reported on Saturday that two people were found dead at two separate city shootings. William Ford, 31, was found dead at the scene. Ford was well known by police for previous drug and gun charges. Ford was found on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso. The second victim was Devin Gastion, 21, who was also found on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. He was then taken to the Allegheny General Hospital, where, he was pronounced dead soon after. No arrests have been made on either killing.
By reporting these stories that occurred on the 13th and the 14th of February this story has immediacy. The Post Gazette immediately reported both deaths immediately after they took place. This story also includes emotion; many of the people that are related to the victims are affected by the traumatic news. Also, the local residents that live near the locations where both killings took place must be affected emotionally by their safety. There is also a huge impact on the residents about their neighborhood safety, and their maintained skepticism from the violence in their neighborhoods.

Drunken man steals ambulence with patient inside

The Associated press reported Tuesday that a drunken man stole an ambulance from a Wisconsin ski area with the patient inside.

44,000 students charged accidental late fee

The Minnesota Daily reported on Thursday that 44,000 students have been charged with accidental late fees on their tuition bill. The University spokesman Dan Wolter, apologized on behalf of the University and is advising any University student to speak to One Stop if they are still experiencing difficulties. The main delay in fixing the error is due to the universities billing system. Wolter also added that the amount of fees differ from student to student.
This news story includes immediacy because the university was able to publish the story immediately the next day. Additionally they also acted upon and resolved the issue as soon as possible, and advertised it to university students to seem immediate assistance from One Stop. There is also proximity in this story. This is an issue that that occurred on the university campus, most of the students would be concerned about this topic specifically, if they are one of the 44,000 students that were charged. Finally, I believe there is also novelty in this story because these types of issues don't occur on campus very often especially when 44,000 students are affected by it. As a student at the University I don't come across issues like this.

Body found in snow near campus

The Minnesota daily reported on Thursday that there was a body found of an unidentified man near campus. His body was found lying in the snow at 4 a.m. Thursday morning. The police found the man dead after responding to a call about an unconscious body. The body has been identified; however the police have not released the name . They haven't found out the cause of death until the autopsy is completed. Chief Chuck Miner verified that the victim was not a University student of, staff or faculty member. The police declared that is the eighth murder so far this year in the city of Minneapolis.
By publishing this story in the Minnesota daily in the university paper it has proximity. The victim's body was found near campus, so it is very relevant for the university attendants to be informed. Additionally there is also impact to this story because since there have been eight deaths in the past year, clearly the university attendants should become more cautious about their environment. Finally there is emotion in the story, many people have been robbed, attacked and killed recently. Everyone seems to be bothered emotionally by the constant crimes that have been consistently occurring on or near campus.