Body found in snow near campus

The Minnesota daily reported on Thursday that there was a body found of an unidentified man near campus. His body was found lying in the snow at 4 a.m. Thursday morning. The police found the man dead after responding to a call about an unconscious body. The body has been identified; however the police have not released the name . They haven't found out the cause of death until the autopsy is completed. Chief Chuck Miner verified that the victim was not a University student of, staff or faculty member. The police declared that is the eighth murder so far this year in the city of Minneapolis.
By publishing this story in the Minnesota daily in the university paper it has proximity. The victim's body was found near campus, so it is very relevant for the university attendants to be informed. Additionally there is also impact to this story because since there have been eight deaths in the past year, clearly the university attendants should become more cautious about their environment. Finally there is emotion in the story, many people have been robbed, attacked and killed recently. Everyone seems to be bothered emotionally by the constant crimes that have been consistently occurring on or near campus.

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