Vonn's gold rush

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On the eve of the Olympic women's downhill, Lindsey Vonn told her husband to be ready to stand with her at the start. A week of nursing a painful shin injury -- and carrying the weight of the world's expectations -- had frayed her nerves, and she hoped he could calm her before the race she had waited for all her life

I felt that this lead was written very well. I see all the details of who and what at the beginning. It grabs the reader's attention by informing them with the consecutive events. It gives all the needed details no extra. The lead was Concise, clear and to the point.

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I agree with Taqwa, Rachel Blount a news reporter for the Star Tribune did a wonderful job on trying to make the readers wanting to read. Blount put in some information about the feeling Lindsey Vonn was going through with the Olympic and we the readers could almost picture the look on Vonn face of all that excitements. For people that know about Lindsey Vonn, they most likely will continue and read. For people that just want to read a good news story, they will likely continue to read this story as well because of the good lead.

I was hoping to find something bad about this lead so I could disagree with Taqwa, but at the end this work by Blount was a good example of what a good lead should look like.

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