Winter weather advisory; 4 to 6 more inches possible

The Post Gazette reported Sunday that they have issued another National weather advisory in Pittsburgh and most of southern Pennsylvania. There may be a possibility of an extra four to six more inches of snow falling from Monday morning to Monday night. They're continuing the advisory until noon Tuesday. They have already received a full three feet of snow, and the snow continues to fall in regions in the East Coast.

This story was reported today and the scheduled expectation of snow is on Monday so this news story has immediacy. They seem to have the news reported before the expected time of the snow fall. This story also contains proximity, everyone near the East Coast or lives in Pennsylvania are aware of the amount of snow that they are about to experience. Finally, this report also has impact. The areas in the East Coast that are experiencing nearly three feet of snow are certainly impacted by the constant amount of snowfall. Many East Coast residents don't have electricity and because of the impact of the snow most of the local stores are closed down. People are worried as to when the massive amount of snowfall will ever stop.

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