Obama seeks 'new beginning' in Muslim world

The two stories that I have decided to compare are about President Obama's speech in Cairo. The first article I found was an AP story, and under the MSNBC website.

The second story that I have found was under an online website called POLITICO written by Mike Allen.

As I was reading both stories, I felt that the POLTICO story had a lot of irrelevant information. Once I read the lead, I felt that the most important information wasn't in the lead. However, I felt that the lead in the MSNBC story was written much better. Although, I felt the last sentence in the lead could have been added to the second graf, and was a bit unnecessary.

The lead was overall well written and well thought out. Also, I found it interesting that in the POLITICO story one of the quotes from Obama's speech was put immediately after the lead, however in the MSNBC story the same quote was used only in the 11th graf. Clearly MSNBC felt the quote was much less important and was put at the end of the story.

Additionally, the quote used in the lead for the MSNBC story wasn't used at all in the POLITICO story. Both publishers were both obviously looking for different things in the speech, and seemed to emphasize on entirely different parts in the story. In my opinion I honestly believed the MSNBC did a better job at their story.

Aside from the fact that they concentrated on what I was looking for, but I also felt that the story got to the point and didn't add any unnecessary information.

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