November 30, 2006

Midtown Market

At the midtown market there seems to be a number of different energies. The space is the distance between the vendors, the people, and everything in between. Looking at the vendors and the people behind the counters I constantly see the exchange of money and product. The money is the main source of energy; it’s what drives all these people to be here and to get what they want. It can make them happy or even greedy when they try and bargain. If someone where to come here with no money, it’s almost pointless for them to be there. This is why the products being sold are the second source of energy. The people bring there money to get these items and to leave happy, or at least with something. With these two energies combined it brings a lot of people together. With all these people together it creates noise which could be considered another kind of energy. The people are bargaining with the vendors, talking on the phone, or amongst themselves; feet shuffling through the crowd of people, and the vendors chopping/making there products. All of these add into the noise factor. On top of that there may be some music being played either at the vendor’s stands for themselves or someone playing for the people. With all of these vendors located in one convenient location with all of there different items brings in another energy; the smell of there products whether it be fish, tomatoes or what-have-you. This varies from location to location. Some of it may be pleasant while others may not be. It really only takes a couple different energies to combine in order to form a chain reaction.


November 29, 2006

Social Design Issue

When I think of the words “social design?, I think of a structure or something along those lines that a group, large or small, has to deal with and deals with it on more than one occasion. The one big thing that comes to my mind living off campus is the whole parking issue. I’m talking about the parking that takes place at or around home, on campus when going to classes, and just basically anywhere around campus. Some people are lucky enough to have there own parking lot at there house. Others living in a house may have to fight for spots in front of there house or be forced to walk a couple blocks. This isn’t really my big problem though; sure it might be a drag to have to walk a couple blocks home but you’re not paying for it unless you get a ticket when you walk back to your car the next morning. I learned you just have to pay a little closer attention to the sings in the winter. My problem is on or around campus. Parking is always a hassle, if not that then a drain on your money. Anywhere you go you have to pay, and then keep time of how long you’re away. Parking meters are a pain and so are parking ramps; the longer you stay the more you pay. For all the kids going to school here, I’m almost certain they feel the same way. We pay enough to go here, why do we have to pay more for parking? You would think it should be covered somewhere in all of the costs we are already paying. The fact is its not, you have to pay even more for it and also it’s on a lottery system. A lucky number of people get a parking pass for a certain lot, yet they are paying almost as much as any other person would be going to a public lot. So my social design solution would be to have U of M parking ramps. If you’re a student, flash the attendant your card and go park. Let the general public take up the other parking lots and ramps and they pay the hourly fee. The students have enough problems dealing with school and for many of us, work. A lot of students are strapped for cash as it is. A student parking ramp would help a lot of kids out and I’m sure many students would agree.


no parking.gif

park violation.gif

November 13, 2006


An opposition that I encounter around me is me myself. The problem has three parts. At this point in my life I’m obviously going to school, I live in a house with some other guys which means I need to pay rent, and on top of that I need a social life. This means I have to balance school, work, and friends (social life). They are all basically opposites of each other because at school or doing homework I can’t be doing work and I can’t socialize with anyone or at least just hang out and shoot the breeze. When I’m at work I can’t do homework and I can’t really go out anywhere to talk with friends, I’m stuck at wherever and working with whomever is around me.

The two most important things I have to work around would be school and work. I need these two in order to get what I want for my future. Priority number one is school, I need enough time to go to classes and then do my homework. Therefore I schedule my work around school and only work as much time as I can so I have time for homework.

School and work are a need. They take up almost all the time I’ve got in a week. A social life seems more of a want. It’s possible to do without it, but I don’t like being a loner. My problem is easily solved if all I do is go to school and work. When I throw in the third piece, this is where my problem comes in; I want a social life, but I don’t want to interfere with my two most important subjects.

All work and no play make’s a person go dull

There may be a couple ways to solve my problem or my opposition of limited time. One resolution could be to see if I would be able to get enough work in during the week to make the money I need to live in a house while doing enough homework as well; this would leave the weekends open. I may be able to save some homework for the weekends such as readings. This would give me at least weekend nights to socialize.

Another method I could take if I really wanted to be more social would be to use the phone and call people during the week. I could take a half hour to an hour out of some days to call some people. This would mainly depend on if I like talking on the phone or like to be in person.

If all else fails and I realize that I need more time for homework and/or work it would be to just get a girlfriend who is going through the same thing or doesn’t mind not seeing all the time. You could talk on the phone during the weekdays leaving plenty of time for school and work. Then when the weekends roll around, if there is some spare time, hang out and have a good time with them for as long as you can. This way you won’t be a loner and you won’t let down a group of friends that always want to hang out with you.

Time is my limiting factor for this sort of problem, the more time I have the more of a social life I will have. The less time I have the more isolated I’ll get. In my case with as little time I have to spare I would probably try to find that one girl, because it’s better to have somebody than nobody. It’s too boring being a loner.

Isolation can make you go nuts

October 25, 2006


After thinking of a phenomenon’s I finally came down to one that amazes me throughout the year. It’s a cycle that just goes on and on probably up until the end of the world. This certain phenomena are the seasons. It’s a repeated cycle of summer, fall, winter, and spring. Every season has its own unique character. Every one surprises me just as much as the year before. It almost seems like a sudden change, yet it’s slow to go through the steps. Every season is expected at a certain time, and every time that season comes. We have come to know these seasons as months on a calendar. It is predictable, yet wonderful.

The “things? of these seasons would be all the sites, sounds, smells, and feelings you get out of them. In the summer you feel the rays of the sun and the cool breeze of the wind. The sounds are of people outside, animals chasing other animals, and loud bikes on the road. The fall would be the color of the leaves changing into vibrant colors above your head. The crisp leaves that have fallen on the ground that crunch under your feet. That certain smell that tells you winter is on its way. The winter with its whiteness and rays of the sun making it hard to look at it. The crunch of leaves has changed into snow crunching under your feet now. The cold air numbing the inside of your nose so you can’t smell anything. Finally winter changing into spring with the birds chirping. The wet mud getting everywhere. The smell of earth worms being drowned out of the ground. The sound of running water through streets and backyards.

The “frameworks? are the seasons themselves. The relationships between them are the orders that they have. The seasons don’t jump from one to the other in random order. They are fixed. The months let us know what season is approaching and when one is ending. They will last about the same time as it did in the past cycle.

The “clockworks? are all the steps the earth takes to put everything in motion. As the earth spins on its axis, it changes temperature. From summer to fall the leaves will change color, die, and fall off before the snow falls. At the end of winter the sun’s rays get warmer and melt the snow to make everything soaked. The earth becomes soft and slowly warms up through the spring as things start growing once again. Spring is to dry up everything until the sun’s rays reach their max temperature and plants are nourished. On goes this endless cycle again, and again.


October 3, 2006

Genius Loci

A place that i feel is home to me is Stillwater, Minnesota. The place is Lowell Park. The St. Croix river streams in front of the cocrete walkway. The lift bridge is in plain view from Lowell Park with it's big metal beams going all the way across into Wisconsin. In front of Lowell just after the parking lot are trees scattered in a line. The parking lot is a section in the middle of Lowell and a number of restaurants. At night the sky is illuminated by the lights and is diffucult to see the night sky full of stars. The most significant thing that makes me feel at home at Lowell are the picnic benches. They are cemented to the ground and have always had drawings, or paintings on them. The Stillwater cops are always in sight kicking kids out of the park by 10 or taking their skateboards for no reason other than it was out.

Lowell is the place for anyone in or near Stillwater to hang-out. If you have nothing going on, head down to Lowell Park. There will almost always be someone down there you will probably know. Lowell is the meeting place for many. It's the place to come and sit in your car to listen to music, or walk over to the picnic table to have a cigarette with friends. Otherwise take a walk on the concrete walkway to relax and drift away from everything. Lowell is the place to get away from home to come to another. It can be the boringest place to go but the best place to be overwhelmed with feeling at home.
Lowell Park.jpg