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Genius Loci

A place that i feel is home to me is Stillwater, Minnesota. The place is Lowell Park. The St. Croix river streams in front of the cocrete walkway. The lift bridge is in plain view from Lowell Park with it's big metal beams going all the way across into Wisconsin. In front of Lowell just after the parking lot are trees scattered in a line. The parking lot is a section in the middle of Lowell and a number of restaurants. At night the sky is illuminated by the lights and is diffucult to see the night sky full of stars. The most significant thing that makes me feel at home at Lowell are the picnic benches. They are cemented to the ground and have always had drawings, or paintings on them. The Stillwater cops are always in sight kicking kids out of the park by 10 or taking their skateboards for no reason other than it was out.

Lowell is the place for anyone in or near Stillwater to hang-out. If you have nothing going on, head down to Lowell Park. There will almost always be someone down there you will probably know. Lowell is the meeting place for many. It's the place to come and sit in your car to listen to music, or walk over to the picnic table to have a cigarette with friends. Otherwise take a walk on the concrete walkway to relax and drift away from everything. Lowell is the place to get away from home to come to another. It can be the boringest place to go but the best place to be overwhelmed with feeling at home.
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