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Midtown Market

At the midtown market there seems to be a number of different energies. The space is the distance between the vendors, the people, and everything in between. Looking at the vendors and the people behind the counters I constantly see the exchange of money and product. The money is the main source of energy; it’s what drives all these people to be here and to get what they want. It can make them happy or even greedy when they try and bargain. If someone where to come here with no money, it’s almost pointless for them to be there. This is why the products being sold are the second source of energy. The people bring there money to get these items and to leave happy, or at least with something. With these two energies combined it brings a lot of people together. With all these people together it creates noise which could be considered another kind of energy. The people are bargaining with the vendors, talking on the phone, or amongst themselves; feet shuffling through the crowd of people, and the vendors chopping/making there products. All of these add into the noise factor. On top of that there may be some music being played either at the vendor’s stands for themselves or someone playing for the people. With all of these vendors located in one convenient location with all of there different items brings in another energy; the smell of there products whether it be fish, tomatoes or what-have-you. This varies from location to location. Some of it may be pleasant while others may not be. It really only takes a couple different energies to combine in order to form a chain reaction.