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Social Design Issue

When I think of the words “social design?, I think of a structure or something along those lines that a group, large or small, has to deal with and deals with it on more than one occasion. The one big thing that comes to my mind living off campus is the whole parking issue. I’m talking about the parking that takes place at or around home, on campus when going to classes, and just basically anywhere around campus. Some people are lucky enough to have there own parking lot at there house. Others living in a house may have to fight for spots in front of there house or be forced to walk a couple blocks. This isn’t really my big problem though; sure it might be a drag to have to walk a couple blocks home but you’re not paying for it unless you get a ticket when you walk back to your car the next morning. I learned you just have to pay a little closer attention to the sings in the winter. My problem is on or around campus. Parking is always a hassle, if not that then a drain on your money. Anywhere you go you have to pay, and then keep time of how long you’re away. Parking meters are a pain and so are parking ramps; the longer you stay the more you pay. For all the kids going to school here, I’m almost certain they feel the same way. We pay enough to go here, why do we have to pay more for parking? You would think it should be covered somewhere in all of the costs we are already paying. The fact is its not, you have to pay even more for it and also it’s on a lottery system. A lucky number of people get a parking pass for a certain lot, yet they are paying almost as much as any other person would be going to a public lot. So my social design solution would be to have U of M parking ramps. If you’re a student, flash the attendant your card and go park. Let the general public take up the other parking lots and ramps and they pay the hourly fee. The students have enough problems dealing with school and for many of us, work. A lot of students are strapped for cash as it is. A student parking ramp would help a lot of kids out and I’m sure many students would agree.


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