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Live to Ride or Ride to Live

I always of people doing these crazy marathons such as biking across the U.S. or running some crazy distance. I just recently heard of some guy, who works for the long-boards I ride, did this in new Zealand. I just thought of how much endurance that would take. All the roads that you had to deal with and many other things. Its actually kind of inspiring. After hearing this guy, Adam Colton, was doing this, I gave it more thought and want to plan on doing something like this. It wont be anything like going from one ocean to the next, but somewhere that will take a bit to get to. I want to find a destination that’s somewhat far away and also someplace I would really look forward to arriving to keep my spirits high. One thought that I had that’s close, driving wise, is Taylor’s Falls. This would be a bit of a trek on a long-board for myself. I think this would be a great way to find my endurance level on my board and how much training I would need I order to go a much longer distance. Some people might say it sounds crazy, I just see it as a challenge. It kind of reminds me of when I had to ride my bike everywhere when I didn’t have my license when I was younger. I would ride my bike anywhere. Bike rides to Minneapolis and back were nothing to me. I think a long board would like the same thing but with a little more of a challenge. I have no upcoming plans of this trip but I need to find a couple people who would like to join me. I don’t think too many people would be into this, but it’s still a thought that will be around for long time. Probably until the day I physically cant ride a board anymore.