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4/19	$2.50		Purple Onion			Dinkytown

4/18 $2.00 Purple Onion Dinkytown

4/17 $4.29 8th St. Market Marcy-Holmes

4/16 $2.00 Purple Onion Dinkytown

4/15 $26.32 BP Marcy-Holmes

$10.00 Terminal Bar NE

4/14 $3.18 Subway Inver Grove Heights, MN

$3.18 Dairy Queen Zumbrota, MN

$12.50 Triple Rock Cedar-Riverside

4/12 $3.99 8th St. Market Marcy-Holmes

(8th St. Market is under new ownership! They are thinking of putting in a deli and coffee. I’m advocating for a sit-down coffee place. They’re open to suggestions, so stop by!)

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