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8/5 $4.78 West Bank Grocery Cedar-Riverside

$12.14 North Country Co-op Cedar-Riverside

$1.75 Hard Times Café Cedar-Riverside

8/4 $7.00 Heights Theater NE

8/3 $28.05 Crossroads Mobile Minnetonka

8/2 $3.99 Halal Mini Market Cedar-Riverside

8/1 $6.05 K-Wok Cedar-Riverside

7/31 $21.42 Cedars Restaurant Seattle, WA

$0.91 Highgrove Credit Union St. Paul, MN

7/30 $42.00? Amtrak Portland, OR

$1.30 McDonald’s The Dalles, OR

(This was the worst, busiest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to. I’m judging the whole city of “The Dalles? by it.)

7/29 $39.09 Mountain View (gas) Ketchum, ID

$2.79 Mountain Village Merc Stanley, ID

7/28 $10.74 Mountain Village Merc Stanley, ID

$5.00 Sawtooth Nat’l Rec Area Sawtooth Mtns.

7/27 $6.28 Blimpie Broadway Boise, ID

$2.63 Flying M Coffee Boise, ID

$2.00 Idaho Central Credit Union Boise, ID

$2.00 Affinity Plus Credit Union Stadium Village, Mpls

7/26 $3.00 Neurolux Boise, OR

$40.00 Shell Ontario, OR

7/25 $10.81 Ray’s Food Place Prineville, OR

$12.00 La-Siesta Lounge Terrebonne, OR

$2.60? Warm Springs Shell Warm Springs Reservation

7/24 $1.39 Culver Market Culver, OR

~$3.00? Beatle Baily Burgers Culver, OR

7/23 $34.00 Cove Palisades State Park Deschutes, OR

$14.14 Trader Joe’s Portland, OR

$2.48 Walgreens Portland, OR

(On receipt: ‘I’m STEPHANIE. Thank you for allowing me to serve you today.’)

$7.90 Cha Cha Cha Portland, OR

7/22 $1.75 Starbucks Coffee Portland, OR

(Wow, what an experience! I guess I am an escapist, as this aspect of consumer culture is totally new to me. Not only can I hear the barista “up-selling? (is that what it’s called?: “You know a ‘Venti’ (???) is only 50 cents more…?), but I just got offered a free sample of a tangerine frappuccino blended cream…. thing. It tastes like baby aspirin. Oh geez… now he’s outside wandering the sidewalk offering tangerine cream things from a tray… my god. And there was lots of Marley going on. He asked if the music was too loud and explained to me that they like to “jam out? every once in a while. Now we’re back to smooth jazz…)

7/21 $2.00 Starlight Coffee Shoppe Dinkytown

$3.00 City of Mpls Parking Mpls

7/20 $8.25 Uptown Theater Uptown

$14.00 University of Minnesota Mpls

$24.60 Amoco Oil Breezy Point, MN

7/17 $4.73 Beth’s Place Pine River, MN

$4.75 Pfeifer Drug Pine River, MN

$3.82 Thurlow Hardware Pequot Lakes, MN

7/15 $16.32 Northern Food King Pequot Lakes, MN

$6.00 Oasis Restaurant Pequot Lakes, MN

7/14 $3.99 Breezy Oasis Breezy Point, MN

$13.32 Thielen Meats Pierz, MN

$29.03 ExxonMobile Richfield, MN

$22.50 Northwest Airlines MN

7/13 $2.00 Starlight Coffee Shoppe Dinkytown

7/12 $3.00 Diamonds Coffee NE


BP just announced that they are rebuilding the pipe line from the north slope to your door. Anyway I thought that was interesting as you spent more to fuel your car on your trip than you are spending to fuel yourself. I suppose that is typical of Americans, whos priorities are all out of whack. Anyways the Soki was free but the beer was at the very least $8.00.

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