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Top 10 Shows of 2006

Well, it wasn't the best year for shows, simply meaning that I didn't get out enough, what with finishing up school and working nights part of the fall, but I'm hoping to do a lot better this year, as long as my growing obsession with neighborhood committee meetings doesn't get in the way.

1. Robert f*ing Pollard at First Avenue, March 30
(First Ave.'s website read: "Doors for Ritmo Caliente will open at 9pm, but Ritmo Caliente will not begin until Robert Pollard has left the stage." Those poor Ritmo Caliente folks...)

2. Traditional Methods live score for Tabu, A Story of the South Seas at the Bash at the Bell, New Year's

3. Ouija Radio, Awesome Car Fun Maker, Birthday Suits, Screamin Cyn Cyn and the Pons, Fort Wilson Riot, and Sleeping in the Aviary at the Hexagon Bar, April 29

4. Malachi Constant and Arctic Universe at the Turf Club, New Year's

5. Skoal Kodiak at, May 10

6. Thee Silver Mt. Zion at The Varsity, August 7

(When the world is sick, can't no one be well. But I dreamt we was all beautiful and strong.)

7. Michael Yonkers, The Blind Shake, and Skoal Kodiak at the Turf Club, February 12

8. Superchunk at Antone's (Austin, TX), March 18

9. Spirit Tuck plus two at The Baltic Room (Seattle, WA), July 30

10. Militant Babies and Grand Champeen at The Hole in the Wall (Austin, TX), May 26


What about these...

Birthday Suits at the Spider House Coffee Bar, Austin, TX, March 18.

I'd say about a third of the audience was legitimately into the show, one third was feverishly preparing for their Rotisserie Baseball drafts (thank you wireless net transmission!), and the other half were busy destroying my math skills.

Sal Valentino of the Beau Brummels, Antone's Record Store, Austin, TX, March 18.

Immediately after the B-Suits clothed everyone in the Spider House backyard, Antone's offered a Nuggets-era revival performance of "Laugh, Laugh", which will change the lives of at least 5 people within the audience (they will not be aware of this change until May of 2008).

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