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Haven't been writing on the blog for a while now, but I'm hoping to get back into it soon... To prove it, I have photos and audio up from the end of my three months of travel (Mpls-Milwaukee-The Colony(TX)-Frisco(TX)-Austin-Tucson-Philly-West Virginia).

And here's a brief explanation of what else you can find on this site so far... The Musings on Education and Musings on Organizing sections are self-explanatory. These are two lines of thought which are prominent for me. Add to that Vanitas Still Life, which is where I'll write about existentialism, though there's not much there yet. Music reflects and defines my mood, and therefore Album/Song of the Week is a way for me to catalog and remember where I've been emotionally over time. I just wish I'd started it earlier. Economic Impact is simply a listing of all the money I spent over a year or so, not including rent and utilities. I'm pretty weird about money, and worry a lot about spending it. I was interested to see if making my spending public changed my spending habits in any way, and it did. Finally, Witless wanderings of nibbling sheep is a section for posting quotes I like from stuff I'm reading, watching, and listening to, and it may eventually contain commentary as well.

I'd really like to get input from others, and I don't have any sort of a counter to see how many people are reading this, so please comment on something while you're here. (To reduce spam, I need to approve comments from new posters, so it may take a bit for your comment to appear.)


I found your blog. I like that you have a specific purpose in writing this, I believe that what you're doing will not only help and engage readers, but allow you to also look back on your thoughts as they relate to public life.

Re: prospective employers reading your blog

I think it's safe to say that my Uthink blog, which is almost 2 years old, stirs up more controversy, scorn, and derision than any other blog in the system. At one point, my blog was regularly receiving 400 separate visits daily (I slowed down a bit and am now hitting the mid-200s). Yet, for all the angry comments and heated arguments my blog has hosted, my experience, by and large, has been that many people enjoy the blog. I have made many friends and started what seems to be a successful business through my blog. When I meet someone who has read the blog, I always get a little embarrassed because I know I've written some crazy stuff, and I don't want them to get that first impression. But it has always turned out that whatever impression they got from the blog was generally positive (I can't explain it).

At any rate, most people, including your prospective employers will never discover your blog unless you tell them about it. And the people who become regular readers, obviously enjoy your writing. So I say write whatever you want to and don't worry. The readers who don't like you will move on and forget about you, and those who do like you will become friends.

I am a member of the Citizens League and came across your blog when I searched 'policy and a pint' on google. I liked what you said about the meeting and I know that the organizers are interested in your input. So I was wondering if you would like to check out either our Gather or MySpace group pages both entitled Policy and a Pint. WE would like you to post something similar to what you said in Febuary about it being more of a forum so we can get conversation started and get feedback from others regarding that topic.
Citizens League

Hey Laila!
I am glad you have a job! Hope you are well. I am bonding with my parents and job hunting...

Hey Laila!

Just wanted to let you know that I have officially saved your blog on my toolbar for my internet! So now I can look at your blog all the time!

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