September 4, 2007

New Hampshire, Summer 07

After the Wyoming road trip with my mom, the summer '07 travels continued when Amy and Tony picked me up at the lake cabin for our trip east. They were moving from Portland, OR to Hinton, WV where Amy will be managing a native plant nursery on a beautiful mountaintop. We were heading to Peterborough, NH where Amy's family (Ronnie, Sandy, and Sam) live, and my favorite summer home away from home.

As they were moving all their stuff, they had to do a bit of repacking of the van to fit me in. My bike ended up tied on top of the back seat which was tied on top of the roof.



Said goodbye to my folks for a couple months...


Our first stop was of course...


Our trip took us through the UP of Michican, and I decided to couchsurf for a place to stay in Marquette. This is how I found Jason, who offered to put us up on only a few hours' notice. At first Tony was quite flabergasted as to why a complete stranger would want to let us stay at his house, but I think he was converted by the next morning. Jason was deciding whether to go to Tonga for Peace Corps and we had some great discussions about alternative economics and the co-op movement.

Jason globe.jpg

He also made us a delicious breakfast.

bfast at Jasons.jpg

Next day after lunching on some (over-rated) pasties we crossed over into Canada, noting that for some reason it was much easier to get into Canada than to get into the U.S.A. Go figure.

waiting for the USA.jpg

Fortunately such waits aren't nearly so bad when you're traveling with musicians.


We spent the next night in Arnprior, Ontario, then headed back down into the states to visit Amy's friend Michelle in Burlington, VT. We bought some roadside corn on the cob, but it wasn't really necessary, as Michelle had a great garden going at Intervale, walking distance from her house.


comm garden.jpg

greens for dinner.jpg

I shared a spot on the floor with Albert the dog, and the next day we headed to Peterborough.

Al the VT dog.jpg

From Michelle's refrigerator:

do one thing.jpg

In NH we relaxed into small town life and great food, and started training with team Mc'n'Tire, led by Ronnie, for our bike tour. Here we are (Tony, me, Amy, and Sam) atop MacDowell dam.

Atop MacDowell dam.jpg

from Tony's bike.jpg

me and Amy on NH stone wall.jpg

The photo log continues with our bike tour on Prince Edward Island...