October 22, 2007

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The first one is a blog updated by a group of different people on a regular basis who are stationed inside Iraq. The second is called a blog, but follows a very formal structure. I think that both these blogs could be very effective, if they are reaching the right audience. The one in Iraq is touching, it adds a few personal aspects to the war. The most recent one I read was about a restaurant that a man and woman got engaged in, that is now exploded and dangerous. The campus blog is not touching, but it does spread on campus news, so that makes it effective. I must say I prefer the Iraq one, it interest me much more than the other. What I noticed about the writing was that the Iraq one is still appropriate but more journal-esque than the other which is very formal.

October 17, 2007

I love Lisulia

So Lisa keeps saying that Ted loves her.... but that is just NOT TRUE he loves me!!!!!!! I can't believe she is doing this to me.... that woman is trouble... with a capital T...Maybe Ted would love her is she would LEARN TO SPELL, she's delusional if she thinks he would ever choose her over me. He will be mine.... oh yes... he will be mine.... just wait, I'll look better at Blackwods tonight, she doesn't stand a chance.

By the way--- teddy--- if you're out there---- I'll be waiting for you... you know where ,you know when ... be there if you want to be mine... I mean ours....
love, Julisa (Julia AND Lisa)