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Prince Fielder joins the Tigers roster

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The Detroit Tigers may have just clinched the division title for the Central League before the 2012 season has even started. The Tigers signed coveted first baseman Prince Fielder Tuesday.
According to ESPN, Fielder signed a nine-year, $214 million deal on Tuesday with the Tigers.
With the addition of Fielder, The Tigers are in the position to dominate the Central League and also intimidate everyone else in the American League in the process.
Fielder is leaving the Milwaukee Brewers, and even though general manager Doug Melvin never considered re-signing Fielder he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his leaving is "somewhat of a sad day."
The decision to sign Fielder was made after catcher Victor Martinez injured his knee and may be out for the entire season.
The Tigers will have to do some switching of players around to fit Fielder onto the roster but that is a small task for getting such a dominating player.

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