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Last Missing U.S. Service Member Identified

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The U.S. Army has identified the remains of the last missing U.S. service member unaccounted for in Iraq reports CNN Sunday.
Staff Sgt. Ahmed K. Altaie of Ann Arbor, Michigan, was kidnapped October 23, 2006, after he left the Green Zone in Baghdad.Altaie was visiting family members when he was abducted. The military said Altaie, then 41, was serving as a translator for the U.S. military.
A group in February 2007 claimed on a militant Shiite Web site that it had Altaie and posted a 10-second video of a man it claimed was him. The man in the video was Altaie, his uncle told CNN then.
Altaie's remains were identified on Saturday by the Armed Forces Medical Examiner at the Dover Port Mortuary in Delaware, the Army said.

More Information Released on Journalists Death

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Marie Colvin, a veteran correspondent who was killed in Syria last week. Information was released that Colvin died trying to get her shoes so she could escape a shelling attack, her paper, The Sunday Times reported Sunday.
Colvin was following Syrian customs by removing her shoes upon entry to the building that served as a makeshift press center. She was on the ground level when rockets hit the upper floors CNN reports. Thinking the upper floors were the only target Colvin rushed to get her shoes so she could flee the building. A rocket landed just a few yards away. She was killed alongside French journalist Remi Ochlik in the attack Wednesday.
Colvin, 56, was the only British newspaper journalist inside the Homs neighborhood.
Aid workers have been trying to rescue the bodies from the war torn country.

Tension Continues in Syria

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Hundreds of men and boys gathered for mosque prayers Friday in Binnish Syria, but what appeared to be peaceful soon turned into a rally denouncing Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad.
Friday morning, Muhamed Hasmus, a resident of the nearby city Idlib was killed by a sniper. The men and boys gathered were mourning the loss of Hasmus, reports.
Those gathered at the mosque began chanting and soon made their way into the villiage square. They held banners, waved the opposition green, black and white flag, and conducted rituals of defiance that has been repeated weekly in this opposition enclave for months, reported CNN.
Rebels are now set for war. Rebel leaders say they have doubled the number of tanks and weapons on their base.
Two senior U.S. senators believe that the U.S. should support Syrian rebels, reports the Star Tribune.

Peace Corps pullout a new blow to Honduras

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The U.S. government's decision to pull out all its Peace Corps volunteers from Honduras for safety reasons is yet another blow to a nation still battered by a coup and recently labeled the world's most deadly country.
It is the first time Peace Corps missions have been withdrawn from Central America since civil wars swept the region in the 1970s and 1980s. The Corps closed operations in Nicaragua from 1979 to 1991 and in El Salvador from 1980 to 1993 for safety and security reasons, but has since returned to both countries.
All 150 volunteers have been pulled out of Honduras.

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