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Sandusky Trial Comes to an End

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After a three-week trial Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 charges, Centre Daily Times reports.
Deliberations took more than 20 hours Josh Harper, a member of the jury said.
Matt Sandusky, 33, adopted son of Jerry Sandusky was ready to testify against his father. Matt was sexually abused by Sandusky as a child the Star Tribune reports.

Dayton Shows Support in Gay Pride March

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Gov. Mark Dayton plans to walk in the annual gay Pride March Sunday, reports the Start Tribune.
Dayton has been participating in Pride celebrations since the 1980's and walked in the march last year as Governor, Kare 11 reports.
The Twin Cities will be celebrating its 40th year of the gay Pride celebration, the Star Tribune reports.
Dayton says it is unnecessary to attack people because they are gay, and he has emerged as a leading critic of the amendment on the November ballot, reports Kare 11.

Duluth Severe Flooding

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Severe rains have wrecked havoc on the scenic town of Duluth, reports the Star Tribune.
Heavy rains have been falling on Duluth and surrounding areas since Tuesday, the Star Tribune said. Some areas have gotten as much as 9 inches of rain.
Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries but roads and private properties have taken the largest beating.
The Duluth Tribune reports an 8-year-old boy survived being swept away by the river-like current.
Governor Mark Dayton is due to visit the city in order to assess the damage brought on by the flooding, reports the Duluth Tribune.
Not only are homes and roads damaged but the Lake Superior Zoo was also hit pretty hard by the ongoing rain. Several animals drowned in the flooding and others were able to escape from their exhibits, the Duluth Tribune reports.

Analysis: Attribution

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Harvin Wants Vikings to Consider Trading Him
In this article about Minnesota Viking's running back Percy Harvin, over 5 different sources are used and quoted. Some were partial quotes, for example, "On Wednesday, Peterson said he was sure the organization would "do what it takes" to keep Harvin around." Partial quotes like this work in the context because the reader does not need to know everything that Peterson is saying, they just need to know his thoughts on keeping his teammate around.
In the second paragraph the author does not name the source. Instead, he says, "a source close to the situation". Although he is not naming the source it still shows that the source does know what is going on and the reader won't question the reliability of the source.
The reporter sets up the attribution mostly at the end of the sourced information.
The way this story is attributed is effective for this context.
Most of the information in this story comes from people. Harvin's playing statistics come from team records.

Sandusky Trial

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After four days of testimony from eight men accusing Jerry Sandusky of sexual assault, Sandusky may have a chance to tell his side of the story reports the Star Tribune.
It has not been confirmed that Sandusky will take the stand but his lawyer Joe Amendola suggests that he might reports the Star Tribune.
Sandusky was arrested back in November after accusations of sexual assault from more than a decade ago came to light.
The New York Times reports that Ronald Schreffler, Penn State Police investigator warned Sandusky in 1998 to limit contact with children after he received a complaint from a mother saying her 11-year-old son had showered with Sandusky in the Penn state locker room.

Summer Lunch Programs for Children Increase

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Woodcrest Elementary school is part of a growing trend in the Metro area, helping ensure that students are eating lunch even though they are on summer break.
The Spring Lake Park district is part of the federally funded Summer Good service Program reports the Star Tribune.
Hopkins area schools are taking a different approch, they offer well-balanced, non-processed meals for students reports Golden Valley Patch. Students 18-years-old and younger are eligible for these free meals. Hopkins area schools see these meals as not only feeding children but also a way to strengthen the community.
The number of 'free lunch' sites has increased from 538 to nearly 600, according to figures from the Minnesota Department of Education.

Greece in Economic Turmoil

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Citizens in Greece are being affected by economic strain, especially parents, some are even having to give up their children to ensure their survival reported CNN.
Kassiani Papadopoulou, 34, is a single mother of three. She was forced to leave her children in an orphanage because she is no longer able to care for them. This is the reality for many parents in Greece.
for several years Greece has been struggling financial, the country is in a recession and they are in financial despair reports CNN.
Greece citizens voted in favor of the party that supports a bailout for the country Sunday reports The New York Times.

Analysis: Lead

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Atlanta (CNN) -- The young Georgia woman fighting a flesh-eating bacteria underwent a successful skin graft this week as she continues her astounding recovery.
This lead did a very good job of getting to the point and including the most important aspect of the story. In just 22 words and one sentence the reader knows exactly what the following story is about.
Who, what, where, when and why are all covered in this lead. Who-a Georgia woman, what-had a skin graph, where-Georgia, when-this week, why-flesh eating bacteria.
The author used a straight-forward news lead, which seemed very effective in this case.

Rodney King Dead at 47

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Rodney King, whose beating by police was caught on camera in 1991 was found dead at 47 CNN reports.
King was found dead in the swimming pool of his California home early Sunday morning. Rialto Police received a call from King's fiancee, Cynthia Kelly, according to CNN. Officers found King at the bottom of the pool, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, police said. Police said there is no initial thought of foul play.
In 1991 King was brutally beaten by local police after a high-speed car chase. The beating was caught on camera and the four officers who were involved were acquitted, which caused riots in Los Angeles. King urged those who turned to violence to stop fighting and to "get along" reported the Star Tribune.
King became the face of police brutality and helped raise the issue that racism is not a thing of the past, but is still present.

Syrian Children used as Human Shields

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Syrian youth and children have been used as human shields by the Syrian regime, according to CNN .
U.N. officials report that children have been abused, tortured and used as human shields to protect tanks and other weaponry. U.N. officials said that the conflict in Syria has escalated into a full blown civil war.
The Australian reports that several dozen children between the ages of 8 and 16 were taken from their homes. The children were placed in front of bus windows carrying soldiers as a way of preventing attacks on the buses. The Australian goes on to report that children are always a victim in conflicts but rarely is it intentional, in Syria pro-government groups are deliberately targeting children.

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