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Harvin Wants Vikings to Consider Trading Him
In this article about Minnesota Viking's running back Percy Harvin, over 5 different sources are used and quoted. Some were partial quotes, for example, "On Wednesday, Peterson said he was sure the organization would "do what it takes" to keep Harvin around." Partial quotes like this work in the context because the reader does not need to know everything that Peterson is saying, they just need to know his thoughts on keeping his teammate around.
In the second paragraph the author does not name the source. Instead, he says, "a source close to the situation". Although he is not naming the source it still shows that the source does know what is going on and the reader won't question the reliability of the source.
The reporter sets up the attribution mostly at the end of the sourced information.
The way this story is attributed is effective for this context.
Most of the information in this story comes from people. Harvin's playing statistics come from team records.

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