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Rare Baby Panda Dies

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The first Giant Panda to be born in Japan died one week after it was born, CNN reports.
The birth of the unnamed Giant Panda spurred excitement throughout Japan. The Cub was seven days old when its mother's milk accidentally entered the cub's airway, said Toshimitsu Doi, head of Tokyo's Uneo Zoo.
Zoo keepers found the baby on it's back against the mother, reported the Herald Sun.
Japan had seen the birth of the panda as a sign of hope, the Herald Sun reported. The baby had been the first Giant Panda to be born within the country and many thought it was a good sign.

Greece in Economic Turmoil

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Citizens in Greece are being affected by economic strain, especially parents, some are even having to give up their children to ensure their survival reported CNN.
Kassiani Papadopoulou, 34, is a single mother of three. She was forced to leave her children in an orphanage because she is no longer able to care for them. This is the reality for many parents in Greece.
for several years Greece has been struggling financial, the country is in a recession and they are in financial despair reports CNN.
Greece citizens voted in favor of the party that supports a bailout for the country Sunday reports The New York Times.

Syrian Children used as Human Shields

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Syrian youth and children have been used as human shields by the Syrian regime, according to CNN .
U.N. officials report that children have been abused, tortured and used as human shields to protect tanks and other weaponry. U.N. officials said that the conflict in Syria has escalated into a full blown civil war.
The Australian reports that several dozen children between the ages of 8 and 16 were taken from their homes. The children were placed in front of bus windows carrying soldiers as a way of preventing attacks on the buses. The Australian goes on to report that children are always a victim in conflicts but rarely is it intentional, in Syria pro-government groups are deliberately targeting children.

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