Be Gorgeous: My Home Town Theory 2010

Be Gorgeous: My Home Town
I cannot believe that I left my sweat home to come here, in this capitalist world. Where people only care and think of them selves first. Also where people would do anything for money and where money is put first than anything else. I miss my home. You never know something on less you leave it. I am from a beautiful Country call Sierra Leone. Where there are beautiful beaches, palm trees, market places, rain forests, nice homes, nice people, nice food, nice culture and everything else that I would consider to be beautiful can be found in Sierra Leone. I remember waking up on Saturday's mornings where I would go to the beach, lie on the sand and feel the wind going through my skin. It felt very good. I remember going on a panic with my friends and family to the beach and swimming with them under the beautiful sunshine. I also remember doing whatever I want without thinking about time or what I have to do next. I remember having lot and lot of fun. I remember going dancing all night long and not thinking about time. I remember being free and feeling free. I remember all the love I received from my friends and family. I remember the way I was treated by my family and friends and how they used to cherish me and treat me like a Queen and especially like a black African Queen. The more I think about it the more I burst into tears so am just going to stop. All I can said is that every morning when I wake up in this country I always asked my self why am I here? What am I doing here where everything is time and where I cannot even keep up with time; where you cannot even found a true friend? I just cannot find the answer to my questions.

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