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First Day

My first day of volunteering was Wednesday February 7th. I got there at 11:00 and signed in and went downstairs to where the tutor room is. Right away a girl named Nydia asked for help with her english homework. It was so weird trying to help someone with english because it just all seems very natural just to speak it and not think about it. She had to ask me like words like "shave" meant and it was all just very interesting! I helped her with frequency adverbs, it was kind of amusing because I had to look back in the book to understand exactly what they were since I hadn't taken an english grammer class since middle school. It was interesting talking to her because she seemed so willing to learn this new language and it seemed like she really appriciated my help (which of course makes volunteering a lot easier). The second person I helped also needed help with his english homework. He was doing a work book problem using past, present and future tenses. We were done with his homework early and since it was a lunch hour not many people were downstairs so I was talking to him about where he was from and what was different here. He's from Samalia and he was saying how suprised he was at how cold it was, but that he really likes going to school here and learning at the school. I thought that was very cool to hear that the school was helping people and the students really appriciated it!! I'm excited to go and volunteer again next week!


How exciting that you got to volunteer already. I'm volunteering at Children's and I havn't started yet. Isn't it a great feeling helping people , especially when they are appreciative of your help. I hate English class and my grammar skills are a little rusty too, so don't feel too bad that you had to look back to understand. It's also exciting that you really like where you are volunteering so that it doesn't just seem to be a chore and it's actually fun!! Hope you keep having good experiences!!