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March 7th!

Most days Mr. Neven, who works with me as a volunteer cordinator, is at the school to offer "support" or to help me with anything I need. This Wednesday he wasn't avalible, and warned me ahead of time that there was a possiblity that he would not be at school somedays in the near future. Everytime he offers support or help I kind of think that it's not needed because all I was doing was tutoring right? If I didn't understand it I'd just tell them and it would be fine? BUT, it was really different without him there, it's comforting to know that there is someone there just in case I have questions or needed help with something. This was suprising to me because I guess that I assumed that I was more comfortable with not understanding things than I thought. Not understand things is kind of scary and makes me nervous because I don't like to be wrong about things. This particular day I had about 4 or 5 people sitting at my table and I was having a hard time helping them all and it made me really nervous. Most of the people there are my age or alittle bit younger, so it's not the same as working with children, which is what I feel most comfortable doing. I thought that day was really important for me to go through because it helped me realize that it's okay to need help and need other people there for support while doing something that isn't in my usual daily routine.