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11, April woo

On April 11th I worked with the same girl I worked with about a month ago. I was nervous to work with her because last time I worked with her it was really frustrating for both of us because she doesn't understand english very well at all. When I tutor her Mr. Nevin tells me just to listen to her read over her paragraphs for enligsh class and then to read over the questions and the answers to the questions. She has a really hard time reading it and I never know when exactly I should jump in and pronounce the word for her, so sometimes it can be an awkward silence..and I don't like awkward silences. Today was particularily hard because all the paragraphs were about when to dial 9-1-1 and 4-1-1 and she already had the 9-1-1 part done, but not 4-1-1. She did not understand what 4-1-1 was and one of the questions was that she was supposed to write about a time that she used 4-1-1, which is difficult to do if you don't know what it is. The girl that is there everyweek that I talk to and speaks very good english was sitting next to me and trying to interpret for me. It was the coolest thing to watch her go back and forth between languages. It was so interesting and kind of inspired me to work harder at a foriegn language because it's such a useful thing to be able to do. We eventually finished the answer, but it was hard because I'm still not sure if she fully understood what she wrote down as an answer. I really don't like leaving the students confused about something but I really could not understand her at all. I was just really thankful that the other girl was there and so willing to help me!


While this experience seems rather frustrating, it also seem incredibly interesting and beneficial as well. I have never had such an experience where there is so much frustration just from lack of being able to communicate and while this would be irritating I am sure, I can imagine it is quite character building as well. You already have seen things that you could be doing to better improve the situation, such as continue with your foreign language. While challenging, I hope you are able to continue to have such lesson building experiences in your work.