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The Rhetorical Studies Collaborative investigates the intersections in rhetorical studies across the disciplines of communication studies and composition. Its ongoing tasks are to undertake and promote research that moves beyond the departmental and disciplinary divisions that fragment the rhetorical tradition through presentation and collaborative review, to engage cutting-edge research in rhetoric, and to create conditions promoting undergraduate and graduate research projects which take advantage of the full scope of the rhetorical tradition.

UM Duluth Writing Studies
David Beard is co-author or author of
several articles in rhetorical history and criticism.
• Beard is co-editor (with Richards Enos) of Advances in the History of Rhetoric (Parlor Press).

UM Duluth Communication
David Gore is author of articles on political rhetoric and political economy as a field of inquiry, broadly.
Elizabeth Nelson (Associate Professor of Communication, UMD) is author of several articles in rhetorical criticism.
Michael Pfau is author of several articles in rhetorical criticism.
• Pfau is also author of The Political Style of Conspiracy: Chase, Sumner, and
(Michigan State University Press).

UW Superior
Deborah Schlacks University of Wisconsin Superior
Jamie White-Farnham University of Wisconsin Superior

UM Crookston
Mark Huglen is author of several articles in communication ethics and rhetorical criticism.
• Huglen is co author of Making Sense of Political Ideology: The Power of
Language in Democracy (
with Bernard Brock, James F. Klumpp, and Sharon
Howell) (Rowman & Littlefield) and co author of Poetic Healing: A Vietnam
Veteran's Journey from a Communication Perspective
, Revised and Expanded
Edition (with Basil B. Clark) (Parlor Press).

UM Twin Cities
Tim Behme UMTC Communication
Carol Berkenkotter UMTC Writing Studies
Richard Graff (Associate Professor of Writing Studies, UMTC) is author of articles on classical Greek rhetoric.
• Graff is co-editor of The Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition (SUNY Press), with Janet Atwill and Arthur Walzer. (returning collaborator)
Alan Gross (Professor of Communication Studies, UMTC) is author of articles in rhetorical criticism of science and rhetorical theory.
• Gross is author of The Rhetoric of Science (Harvard University Press), Starring the Text: The Place of Rhetoric in Science Studies (SIU Press), Communicating Science (Oxford University Press)
• Gross is co-author of Chaim Perelman (with Ray Dearin; SUNY Press).
• Gross is co-editor (with William Keith) of Rhetorical Hermeneutics (SUNY
Press), co editor (with Arthur Walzer) of Rereading Aristotle's Rhetoric (SIU
Press) and co editor (with Joseph Harmon) of The Scientific Literature: A Guided
• Gross is also editor of a book series in the Rhetoric of Science for Parlor Press.
Kirsten Jameson UMTC Writing Studies
Arthur Walzer (Professor of Communication Studies, UMD) is author of several articles on the rhetorical tradition and rhetorical criticism.
• Walzer is author of George Campbell (SUNY Press).
• Walzer is co-editor of The Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition (with Richard
Graff and Janet Atwill) (SUNY Press) and of Rereading Aristotle's Rhetoric (with Alan Gross) (SIU Press).
• Walzer is also a series editor in rhetorical studies for SIU Press.

Past Participating Faculty from across the US
James Aune, Texas A&M, is author of articles in both rhetorical theory and the rhetoric of public address.
• Aune is author of Rhetoric and Marxism (Westview Press) and of Selling the Free Market: The Rhetoric of Economic Correctness (Guilford).
• Aune is co-editor (with Martin J. Medhurst) of The Prospect of Presidential
(Texas A&M University Press). and (with Enrique Rigsby) of Civil
Rights Rhetoric and the American Presidency
(Texas A & M University Press).
Elizabeth Birmingham, NDSU, is author of several articles on the rhetorical criticism of modern architectural discourse, as well as works at the intersection of rhetorical studies and women's studies.
Kevin Brooks, NDSU, is author of several works on new technologies and rhetorical studies, from a theoretical as well as pedagogical perspective.
Roger Graves University of Alberta
Joshua Gunn, University of Texas (Austin), is author of several articles in rhetorical theory, rhetorical criticism of public address and the disciplinary history of
rhetorical studies.
• Gunn is author of Modern Occult Rhetoric: Mass Media and the Drama of
Secrecy in the Twentieth Century
(Alabama Press).
Debra Hawhee, Penn State University, is author of several articles on classical and modern rhetorical theory.
• Hawhee is author of Bodily Arts: Rhetoric and Athletics in Ancient Greece
(University of Texas Press).
• Hawhee is co-author (with Sharon Crowley) of Ancient Rhetorics for
Contemporary Students
(Pearson Longman).
Marguerite Helmers, UW-Oshkosh, has written articles on both visual rhetorical studies and more traditional work in Composition and English Studies.
• Helmers is author of Writing Students: Composition, Testimonials, and
Representations of Students
(SUNY Press) and of The Elements of Visual
(Pearson Longman).
•Helmers is editor of Intertexts: Reading Pedagogy in College Writing
(Erlbaum) and of The Traveling and Writing Self (Cambridge Scholars Press).
• Helmers is co-editor (with Charles Hill) of Defining Visual Rhetorics (Erlbaum).
• Helmers serves as editor of the Visual Rhetoric series at Parlor Press.
William Howell UT Permian Basin
James Floyd University of Central Missouri
William Keith, UW-Milwaukee, is author of several articles in both the history of rhetorical studies and rhetorical criticism.
• Keith is author of Democracy as Discussion (Lexington Books).
• Keith is co-editor of Rhetorical Hermeneutics (with Alan Gross) (SUNY Press).
Steve Mailloux Loyola Marymount
Kenneth Marunowski (Independent Artist and Scholar) is author of
several articles on rhetorical analysis of visual texts, as well as creator of a body of paintings of note.
Sara Newman, Kent State University, is author of several articles on the rhetorical
theory of metaphor and rhetorical analyses of medical texts.
• Newman is author of Aristotle and Style (Mellen).
Brett Ommen University of North Dakota
Maegan Parker Brooks University of Puget Sound
Juli Parrish University of Denver
Dennis Stampe UW-Madison
Kari Whittenberger-Keith UW-Milwaukee

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