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Discussions & Presentations

The Rhetorical Studies collaborative will host several informal research presentations and discussions in Fall 2011. Locations and Participants are under development; a basic schedule is below.

Fall 2011 Schedule
Sunday, October 9th
Location: TBA
We'll meet one week before the Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference in Mankato, attended by Beard, Wolford, and White-Farnham. This is also one week before the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender conference in Chicago, attended by Nelson. We can share our conference papers in progress.)

November 10 or 11th (Date to be determined)
Location: TBA
(Week before the Nat'l Comm. Assn. Convention, New Orleans)
We'll meet to socialize and to talk about our work in progress.

December 20 (Exam Week)
Location: UMD Campus
Title:Recovering the Rhetoric of the Peoples Temple Project: Student Presentations on the UMD Campus
Presenter: Research Team of Students (Dr. Nelson and Dr. Beard directing)
Attend if you can!

Members of the Collaborative include Drs. Gore, Nelson and Pfau, UMD Communication, Drs. Beard and Wolford, UMD Writing Studies, and Drs. Schlacks, Rutford and White-Farnham, UWS Writing, Reading and Library Science. Among us there are research and administrative projects aplenty: from launching a Writing across the Curriculum Grant "Project" where individual instructors as well as academic programs/departments will apply for grants to redesign courses and curricula to be writing intensive to drafting an introductory essay for a Routledge volume on the Rhetoric of Steampunk... from exploring the force of material rhetoric on discourses of happiness to an article on Hume's reception and treatment of Cicero, to a critique of the rhetoric of the NRA.

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