March 31, 2009

DCL is back online (3/31/2009)

The DCL is back online. Please email if you are experiencing any issues with the site.

DCL outage (3/31/2009)

No it's not April fools day, but it feels like it with the crazy weather.

The database server is currently down and the DCL team is working on it. We will send a message out when it is up again. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for being patient. -JD

March 26, 2009

Getting started

We just added the staff of the VRC and DC+A to the blog, so all can now make postings. These posts will includes highlights of new collections or materials being added, or upgrades to the interface, or other information that would help users make use of the DCL.


Welcome to the Digital Content Library blog where you can stay up to date on current events and happenings with the program. DCL turns 3 years old in 2009 and the program directors are very excited about this new phase of our development. Thank you to all who have worked on the program during it's many stages of development (2004-2006 and 2006 to present).
The Digital Content Library was built by many dedicated and creative people along the way and could not have been accomplished without the support of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and the College of Design (CDes). Thank you!