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Sender's article explained the reasoning behind Bravo's gay-themed programming, revealing that the motivation for this type of programming wasn't to increase positive media representations for gays, but rather to appeal to a female demographic and to create a niche audience for itself. Additionally, Bravo wasn't being brave by creating gay-themed programming, but rather was responding to existing trends to develop gay television. By calling upon historical assumptions that gay men are trend-setting and "women's best friends", Bravo created programs which not only potentially appealed to an LGBT, but more importantly to an ages 18-49 women audience, which is more prevalent than LGBT viewers. Sender mentions that if Bravo were truly interested in creating programs primarily for the LGBT community, why are only gay men being represented?

Like many readings about representation in the media, this article was depressing to read because it discussed how yet another group of people have been marginalized in the media for the sake of attracting the consumption of another demographic. It only strengthened my personal opinion that media motivated by profit will never get representation right because media corporations' main objective is not to create diverse and accurate media, but to generate profits. Can representation in corporate media ever be solved? Certainly this doesn't mean that we should stop fighting for better representation. Rather, it seems like fighting for accurate representation in the media is like focusing all of your energy on individually fighting the symptoms of a cold, rather than focusing on the cold as a whole.


I would love to know your thoughts on potential more global solutions.

I would love to know your thoughts on potential more global solutions.

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