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Although Gladwell's assertion that social media allegiances are perhaps less concrete (or motivated into action than past forms of organization have been) is perhaps valid, Mirani's point about the importance of the mere amount of information potentially in circulation seemed more deserving of attention to me. Will the concept of government censorship eventually become outdated and simply obsolete, at least partially moving the power of nation leaders into the hands of the masses?

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While I'd like to hope that the concept of government censorship will become obsolete, I don't think that will be the case. I was just browsing through Twitter and someone I follow was blocked for a week simply for calling someone a rude name, but there are people who post some seriously disgusting videos and nothing happens to them. While that doesn't have much to do with the government, there's a lot happening there too that's kept on the down low - like NSA type stuff - that's pretty grim. I don't think government censorship will ever truly end, sadly enough.

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