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Both of these articles brought up good points about activism and social media. It reminded me a lot about "clicktivism", a term I have heard in other classes. Clicktivism is when by simply "like"ing a page on Facebook, a person feels like they're inspiring significant change when in fact they really aren't doing anything. Mirani's statement "If activism is defined only as taking direct action and protesting on the streets, [Gladwell] might be right" is interesting. Where is the line between activism through social media and activism through physical protest? Do you agree with Mirani's position that activism can include using social media to educate and influence others? Why/why not?

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I feel like the line between activism through social media and physical protest is just that - one you can sit at home and do on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and the other requires you actually leaving your house and protesting in the streets or meeting up with other likeminded individuals to stage protests elsewhere. That's not to say that being an activist through social media is pointless. It can be used to educate people on a variety of topics, and maybe those people would have never heard about that issue if it wasn't for you, and they get involved and send letters to their congressmen/women or protest in the streets.

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