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Do you think that there is any way that social movements that begin to trend on social media sites can actually create and impact and make people want to go out and do something to help instead of passively "liking" the page and then doing nothing else for the cause? How could this happen?

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I think you bring up a very good point. I know that I've read numerous articles and blurbs on social media sites that made me feel very empowered. Then I refresh the page and look at the new news on my news feed, disregarding everything about the last article that I read. I think it's difficult to want to do something after reading the article unless you truly are moved by it. If it's just another news article, not really relate able to you, you'd probably just keep scrolling. In Gladwell's article, he talks about how the use of social media disconnects us from the topic at hand and it's true. If we read and article and find it empowering, we might "like it", we might tweet it, we might even share it on our Facebook pages. That makes us feel like we've made a difference when in reality, we have done nothing at all.

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