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For the final blog post of the semester I wish to continue the discussion we were having on the Oates article because I find it very interesting. I see what Oates is going after, and he brings up many examples that back up his point, however, I wish to reiterate the fact that these athletes make a lot of money. The NFL minimum rookie salary is $285,000! The fact that they make this money is outstanding. Now to bring this back to what Oates was saying, the players voluntarily do these things, unlike slavery where they were clearly forced to. Yes, they may not get drafted if they do not agree, however, I know I would do it if I was guaranteed to make that amount of money. I understand that Oates is an expert, but the points he brings up are not completely accurate. Also, most of these players get to do what they love to do, playing a sport they dreamed of playing at the professional level. While Oates does bring up some interesting points about idolizing these players, I believe the weigh in is necessary, not to mention every college embellishes weight and height for their players on the roster sheet.

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I definitely agree with you in terms of disagreeing with Oates' arguments. These players have spent their whole lives practicing, "building their resumes," and training to do get paid to do something that they love. They should be viewed the same as employees in other fields. Taking a drug test is universal no matter the work field. The weigh in is just as necessary as a resume for another job. You need to know what you, as an investor, are going to get. For the same reason a company wants the right person for the job, so is a general manager for their team.

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